FXDX Uknown Event — Trade & Earn Your Share of 3,000,000 $esFXDX in Prizepool

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5 min readJan 10, 2024

We are excited to share that FXDX’s UNKNOWN EVENT will commence on January 09th.

An event that promises excitement, skill-testing challenges, and an opportunity to taste the glory of crypto trading mastery.

Traders will be ranked based on their points they have earned through trading on the platform and referring users over the competition timeframe.

Join the UNKNOWN EVENT now and experience the thrill of competition!

The competition will start on Tuesday January 9th and run through the month until January 31st. Every trader can claim their reward at the end of the month and the top traders with maximum points will be allocated with the majority of the $esFXDX.

A Whopping 3,000,000 $esFXDX in Prizes!

This is not just any contest. It’s a chance to win big! With 3,000,000 $esFXDX up for grabs, we’re set to recognize and reward the brilliance and effort of every trader.

The distribution is tailored to recognize the efforts of every participant, offering a fair share of the prize pool based on accumulated points.

Note: Rewards will be airdropped after the completion of the tournament

In our unique rewards system, the value you receive is intricately tied to your individual contribution within our community. We’ve devised a straightforward method to calculate your rewards, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution. Your personal points, earned through active participation, play a pivotal role. We then factor in the collective effort of our entire user base by considering the total points amassed by everyone. By applying a carefully calibrated formula, we determine your rewards as a proportionate share of the vast pool of points across all users.

Elite Bonus

Elevate your status to FXDX Elite and enjoy exclusive rewards! At FXDX, we recognize our traders, who create exceptional activity, which will promote platform growth and reward them with Elite Bonus Multiplier.

Your Tier will be based on the trading volume generated throughout this competition timeframe.

Elite Bonus Calculator

Elite bonus will be an add-on to the total points you receive. This can be calculated using the below formula:


User A trades on the platform and has a trading volume of $35,000.

As per the tier list, user A qualifies for Tier III multiplier -> 0.5x

35,000 * 0.5 = 17,500

Hence, user A receives 17,500 points for their contribution.

Referral Bonus

Refer friends and colleagues to participate in the competition and earn points from their contribution. The more trading volume they generate, the more points you will earn.

Not a trader but have friends, who trade?

We got you covered, simply refer your friends to trade on our platform and you can earn points from the trading volume your referrals will bring to the platform (See below example to know how it works)


User A invites 2 people — User B and C. User B trades on our platform and creates a total trading volume of $2,000 and user C creates a volume of $9,000.

User A will now have a total of $11,000 as his referral volume, so he qualifies for 0.3x multiplier.

11,000 * 0.3 =3,300

Hence, user A with only referrals under his belt has earned 3,300 points.

How to Refer Users?

  1. Visit: https://app.fxdx.exchange/referrals
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Go to Affiliate tab and create your own referral code (Note: Your referral code will only work on the blockchain you’ve approved the transaction in).
  4. Visit: https://app.fxdx.exchange/Referral
  5. Enter your created referral code and click on Submit.
  6. Now, you can share that to the social platform of your choice to share with your friends.

Points Calculator

Your total points is a sum of your trading volume, Referral Bonus and OG Bonus.

Check out the formula below:


User A has created a trading volume of $11,000. They have invited 3 friends into the platform, who have a combined trading volume of $2,000.

Here’s the breakdown:

Trading volume ->11,000 (Qualifies for 0.25x)

Referral volume -> 2,000 (Qualifies for 0.2x)

Let’s crunch some numbers:

Points = 11,000 + (2,000 * 0.2) + (11,000 * 0.25)= 14,150

User A has earned 14,150 points.

Rewards Calculator

Our unique reward system is crafted in a way to reward users based on their contribution to the platform with respect to every other participant’s effort. Let’s breakdown this and see the formula to calculate your reward from the 3,000,000 in $esFXDX pool:

Note: The maximum reward you will be eligible for will be based on the total trading volume (Yours + Your referee’s)


User A has earned 14,150 points. Points earned by all users combined is 2,200,000 Let’s calculate his/her earnings -

14,150 * 3,000,000 ÷ 2,200,000 = 42,654

Hence, user A will be eligible for 19,295 $esFXDX in rewards.

Note: As users earn more points on the platform, your share in the rewards will keep changing.


This competition underscores our commitment to a thriving community. The Elite Bonus, featuring dynamic referral multipliers and OG Points, symbolizes our dedication to rewarding regular users. Join us in celebrating loyalty, exploring FXDX, and seizing the chance to win.



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