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3 min readApr 13, 2023


As we head toward our testnet launch, we would like to share more details with our community. As previously disclosed, we plan to launch our testnet with a lot of incentives for the community including but not limited to airdrops, OG discord roles, NFTs, etc.

Early participants on our testnet would be eligible to claim their rewards after the Mainnet launch and Token Generation Event scheduled to be around June 2023. More details on rewards and other incentives will follow soon. Since we expect the testnet to be live in the coming weeks, there can be changes in incentives.

But for now, let's dive into what we have to offer on our testnet launch.

Testnet Features

The following features will be available on the testnet launch:

  • Liquidity
  • Swaps
  • Perpetuals

Experience the first 0% trading fees perpetual DEX with our new fee model! Test the interface, trading & LP terminal and see what we have in store. While the current features available are only a fraction of what we plan to offer in the finished product, it’s important to test from the ground up. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding even more functionality and elements to the testnet.

Quests for Rewards

We have set up Quest Dashboard via Zealy (previously

Quests (Crew3 now Zealy):

Each XP would be exchanged with FXDX Airdrop tokens after the token & mainnet launch.

Trading Quests

There are two types of trading quests on our testnet:

  1. Alpha Quest: These quests are focused on trading volume. The higher the trading volume, the more XP you can earn.
  2. Beta Quest: These quests are focused on trading PnL. The higher the trading PnL, the more XP you can earn.

Note: You are required to complete Alpha Quest #1 to request test tokens from the form here:

Feedback Quest

Earn XP to give feedback on your platform testing and experience.

Best Strategy

The best strategy is often the simplest one. Users can complete Alpha Quest #1, request testnet tokens via a form and generate volume. Based on the advancement in Alpha and Beta Quests, you can earn multiplier points on top of your XP. The more multiplier points you get the higher your chances would be to getting a bigger share of the rewards!

We invite you to join our testnet and become a part of our journey to create the first 0% trading fees perpetual DEX. Your participation and feedback would be greatly appreciated by our team as we work towards launching on mainnet in Q3 2023.

Follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and our website to stay updated on our progress and not miss out on what’s to come.

Quests (Crew3 now Zealy):




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