The Countdown Begins: FXDX’s Token Generation Event!

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6 min readJun 15, 2023

We’ve been gearing up, fine-tuning every aspect of our platform, and preparing for one of the most exciting milestones in our journey — the Token Generation Event (TGE).

And now, it’s time to circle a date in your calendar, set a reminder, or tie a virtual string around your finger, because the big day is almost upon us. FXDX’s TGE is set to take place on 18th September, 2023!

FXDX is a Decentralized Exchange, powered by Optimism, that provides a robust platform for trading perpetual futures and swaps — all without any trading fees.

But we’re doing more than just crafting a platform for exchange. We’re opening a whole cosmos of possibilities. In the DeFi realm, each individual holds the power of their own financial institution.

Let’s not forget, our journey through this pioneering new world is about more than mere transactions. It’s about charting the path toward a tomorrow where financial autonomy is a reality for all.

Adverse Market Conditions

We know that the road to this event has been filled with anticipation and the occasional speed bump. The fluctuating market conditions did throw a few curveballs our way. But hey, isn’t that what makes the crypto world such a thrilling ride? As they say, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, and the recent market waves have only made us more prepared for the journey ahead.

So, why the delay, you ask?

The simple answer is — we want to get this right. At FXDX, our goal is to offer an exceptional trading experience, and we’ve always been committed to launching our token when we believe the timing is just right for our community and the wider market. We wanted to ensure that everything is in place for the TGE to be a roaring success.

Now, let’s talk about the Token Generation Event itself.

What can you expect? Well, in true FXDX style, we’ve planned it to be a grand event that encapsulates the spirit of our platform — empowering, innovative, and community-focused. And of course, we’ve made sure that the tokenomics align with these values.


FXDX is the platform’s utility and governance asset, holding the asset unlocks a variety of benefits.

Token Sale

We set aside 20% of all our tokens for selling during various rounds like the seed round, private round, presale, and public rounds.

Team & Advisors

Another 20% of the supply will go to our team and advisors who have been with us every step of the way.

Community Engagement

We’ve allocated 25% of the supply to encourage participation in various activities. This includes things like airdrops, trading competitions, social media promotions, giveaways, rewards for achievements, and bug bounties in our system.


We’re using 2.5% of supply to ensure there’s enough liquidity available for trading on various DEXs, such as Uniswap on ETH.


30% of the supply will go into our treasury. We’ll use these tokens to pay our team members, cover the costs of token sales, provide more liquidity on DEXs, marketing, an insurance fund, set up a minimum floor price fund, and other things.

As FXDX grows and starts dominating the derivatives market in the coming months, we plan to transform FXDX into a DAO. This means our users will get to vote on how we use the treasury and other matters, like which new tokens to list.


Finally, we’re allocating 2.5% of all tokens to reward users who stake their tokens in the FXDX and FLP Vault for the first year. After the first year, we’ll start distributing tokens from the treasury for this.

Vesting Period

The token will have a vesting period of one year. This design promotes long-term participation and contribution to the FXDX ecosystem, which aligns with our vision of building a robust, thriving community of committed users. We believe that this approach will help nurture and grow the platform in a way that benefits everyone.


That’s all we’re unveiling for now, but keep an eye out — more details about the TGE will be rolling out soon. We promise it’ll be worth the wait!

We’re incredibly grateful for the enthusiasm and patience that the FXDX community has shown. Your support fuels our work, and we’re beyond excited to reach this milestone together.

So, as we count down the days to the TGE, let’s gear up for a new chapter in our journey. A chapter filled with opportunity, growth, and a shared commitment to reshape the world of decentralized finance.

We’re just getting started. The best is yet to come!

Stay tuned, and as always, happy trading!

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