UPDATE: FXDX revising TGE date due to market conditions

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2 min readJan 28, 2022

The FXDX team is hard at work in launching a decentralized exchange protocol for derivatives. It was announced just a week ago that investors could expect the $FXDX token generation event (TGE) to happen on 28th January 2022, in addition to nearing the BSC-based mainnet launch and Algorand-based testnet launch. However, $FXDX’s token generation event is being postponed.

This is due to the current unfavorable market conditions, and BTC dropping by >20% since the announcement of our TGE. These conditions are not ideal for $FXDX’s long-awaited token generation event. Keeping this in mind, the FXDX team has decided to postpone the TGE until a later date. At this time, it is unknown when the token generation event will officially be. However, eager investors should anticipate the $FXDX token generation event to occur once market conditions are more favorable.

Before the TGE, we will reach out to all of our investors, offering them to choose from a list of chains for their $FXDX holdings. The list of choices will include ERC20, BEP20, and ASA. Tokens on chains with lower transaction fees such as ASA will have a daily vesting period. However, chains with higher fees such as ERC20 will have a monthly vesting period.


Everything related to $FXDX tokens, smart contracts, and their addresses will only be available on official FXDX channels. FXDX team members will NEVER DM you about anything.

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